Who is Your Disaster Recovery Doppelgänger?

Download the DR Doppelgänger eBook to learn:

  • Which doppelgänger matches you
  • Your greatest challenges, organizationally or technologically
  • How to play to your strengths to be a DR leader
  • The right next steps to moving your company to DRaaS bliss

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DR-Doppelganger-eBook-Cover-Perspective.pngOver the last decade of offering DRaaS, we’ve worked with a lot of customers and found that there are generally six stereotypes, or doppelgängers, of how one approaches the challenges presented by Disaster Recovery.

Take the quiz to identify your DR Doppelgänger, and download the accompanying eBook to see how each brings his or her own strengths to the problem of identifying a solution, persuading the management team and executing the plan. Find out which one or two apply best to you, learn from the experience of others and move forward with an action plan to achieve disaster recovery bliss.