Security Features

iland embeds secure cloud hosting capabilities within our
iland Secure CloudSM platform, for every cloud customer.

Cloud Security Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning and Security Alerting

Our built-in cloud vulnerability scanning service performs periodic penetration testing of our environment, ensuring that web servers and networks are not vulnerable to attack. The reports of these scans are available through our console to all customers of the iland Secure CloudSM platform.

With customized security alerting, individual users can also set alerts to receive notifications in the console if a security scan detects a vulnerability in their environment. These alerts can be customized for different risk factors and users can enable many alerts for different security settings through the console including:

  • Anti-malware
  • Computer issues (reboots and clock changes)
  • Firewall
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Log inspection
  • Web reputation


iland offers two levels of encryption on the iland Secure Cloud platform:

  • Natively, all data is encrypted at rest in the storage array.
  • For customers interested in VM encryption, we offer that capability using Hytrust. This can be selected on a per VM or per volume basis.

Both come with integrated encryption reports, to fulfill the needs of security and regulatory audits.

Anti-virus / Anti-malware

iland Secure Cloud has integrated malware and antivirus detection. We perform file scans, smart scans and real-time scans both on Linux and Windows systems. Our goal is to prevent infected files from running and quarantining any suspicious items. With integrated reporting and alerting, keeping your cloud workloads safe is easier than ever.

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Deep Packet Inspection

Deep Packet Inspection

Inspecting all traffic to and from VMs enables iland to provide:

  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Web Application Protection from black-list sites, app-layer attacks, SQL injections and cross-site scripting
  • Application controls providing visibility into applications accessing the network

Reports covering the details of the attackers, timing, and targets are available on-demand through the iland Secure Cloud ConsoleSM.

Log Analysis, Firewall Events, Integrity & Web Reputation Monitoring

  • Log Analysis: Ongoing collection and analysis of log files to identify security events across the environment.
  • Firewall events: Continuous inspection of VM traffic, enabling policies that block suspicious activity.
  • Integrity Monitoring: Daily scans monitor critical OS and application files for suspicious behavior, including changes to key attributes, registry keys, contents, and access control lists
  • Web Reputation Monitoring: Armed with an industry-leading black-list, iland can block users from accessing malicious sites.
Log Analysis
User Access Control

User Access Control

The iland Secure Cloud Console supports three primary user roles to provide flexibility within your organization’s cloud users. Organizational administrators and Read-Only Organizational Administrators are augmented with 7 types of Organizational Users, from Catalog Managers to Network Administrators, for maximum security in your cloud.


Whether accessing files on the road, or providing a distributed workforce access to data during a DR event, iland’s free SSL VPN offers secure access to your cloud resources whenever and wherever you are. Configuring and managing it couldn’t be easier with our iland Secure Cloud Console and wizard driven interface.

iland also offers the Cisco ASAv appliance in a variety of sizes for customers standardizing on Cisco technology, or those who require more granular controls over their network configurations. And, if you prefer to use your own favorite VPN appliance, physical or virtual, we welcome it in our environment.

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor Authentication

Our innovative iland Secure Cloud Console is now armed with two-factor authentication to ensure the security of your cloud environment, and to meet security and compliance requirements across many industries.

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